Saturday, November 28, 2009

Life...the great popularity contest

In case you hadn't heard, Tiger Woods wrecked his SUV and his wife a.k.a. Wonder Woman, smashed the back glass with a 9 iron before ripping out the back seat and saving Woods from the fiery crash. Maybe, I exaggerated a little bit, but the truth is that I'm still a little stunned. I heard about this first on my local news and then I heard about it on Sportscenter(naturally), but then TMZ was also one of the first shows to "break" this news. I'm expecting CNN and FOX to have an in-depth analysis of the accident and of course Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, or some other loudmouthed, overrated, conspiracy theory spitting Republican that "is for the people" will somehow convince some people that this is all the fault of Barack Obama. My question is WTF?!

How is it possible that Jon and Kate, the octomom, and Brad and Angelina are household names, but the names of the politicians who are for or against universal health care are known only to political "pundits" or people who wake up to the sounds of CNN and FOX? Why are we more likely to read an article about the end of days for the Oprah Winfrey show rather than watch a video that talks about the alternatives to fossil fuels? Is it because we love Oprah, but hate saving money and the environment?

Everything has its own place in our minds, and I know that the most popular topics will always be what we see the most of on t.v. All that I'm saying now is that sometimes the most popular topics should be the ones that directly affect our homes, cities, and states rather than how big, mean Kanye scarred poor, defenseless Taylor - which is of course historical news by now, but you get the point.

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