Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Everybody wants honesty, but how many of us want truth?

There are two things I need to say in beginning this:

1) I will never say that I am faultless or perfect, but I am a constant work in progress that is striving for righteousness.

2) There is a difference between honesty and truth.

Honesty is the correct yes or no answer to any question you want to know the answer to, but truth is the answer to anything you need to know, but never knew to ask. Honesty is a flashlight that casts away the darkness of the lies that are right in front of our face while truth is a blinding light that takes any shadow of a lie that is all around us.

In talking to people and hearing how others handle situations and their daily lives, I can fathom that we all want to receive honesty and most of us try to be honest. When our parents, family, significant others, friends, or anyone else talks to us, we generally and genuinely want them to be honest with us. If we ever find out that those we are dependent on for honesty lie to us, we actually get hurt, upset, or at the very least...disappointed. But this is the extent of honesty; it can only be directed directly at us or we can only give it to others.

The truth, however, is far reaching. In other words, the people in Australia see the same sun that the people in Utah see and the truth is the same and just as relevant whether it's discovered in Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan or China. The biggest difference between the truth and honesty is how we handle it and how we relate to it.

When someone is honest with us, even if the honesty hurts, we eventually deal with it. We deal with it because the honesty is something that we wanted to know about, and it's always a little easier to swallow what you asked for in the first place. On the other hand, when we find out about the truth, there's an entirely different spectrum of possible feelings. The first thing most of us do is to deny what we've been given is the truth. Many times, we don't want to believe it which can also lead us to being angry about the truth or even wanting to "shoot the messenger" just for giving us the truth.

I believe that(and this is my opinion) we deny the truth and we get angry about the truth because we know that once it's brought to our attention, things are never the same afterwards. Granted, some of us ignore what we've learned and try to go back to living the lie we knew before the truth was presented to us. But no matter how hard we try to go back to the ignorant lie, and no matter how hard we try to forget the truth, we're still responsible and held accountable for the truth. Don't believe me? When your parents told you what right and wrong was, did they hold you accountable anytime you ignored them and did wrong? For those of us who have cars, most of them can go over 100 m.p.h., but if we ignore enough speed limit signs, what happens to us?

I write this not only to give the difference between honesty and truth, but to also urge anyone who reads this to always seek the truth. I know the truth isn't always pretty and it isn't always what we want to know, but it is always what we need to know and "the truth shall set you free". Free from living the lies we did or didn't know we were living, free from having to worry about covering up the truth because we'd be living proof of it, and free from the suspecting eyes of others because no matter how hard anyone else could try, they would have nothing on us because we would be walking in truth.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Shout Out to Whuppings!

First of all, I would like to thank God, my parents, & a suspended high school coach in Mississippi named Marlon Dorsey. I would also like to thank the first mom that used a branch from a tree, a belt, a house shoe, or a hot wheel track to initiate corporal punishment to some little bad kid that deserved it.

I remember the first time and last time I got whipped as a kid. I don't remember why I got whipped the first time, but I remember crying...hard. I remember that I "hated" my parents for whipping me. I felt like I had been abused. The very last time I got whipped, I was a teenager. I had been in the parking lot of my mom's middle school and I was jumping over the hood of my parent's car a couple of times. One of my mom's coworkers saw me and told my mom. When my parents got me home, they questioned me about what I had done. I remember thinking to myself as my dad pulled off his belt, "I know he's not going to whip me. I'm a teenager!" I got my teenage butt whipped that day.

Instances like these, made me dislike my parents, but that dislike was temporary. At the time, I didn't understand what they were doing, but now, I couldn't be happier that they did it. No (good) parent wants to spank, whip, or beat their kids, but talking, nagging, and time outs only go so far, and there's not always a big chance for reasoning with kids especially when they want to have their way. But (good) parents know that the longer bad behavior goes unpunished, the worse the behavior will become.

I'm beyond sick and tired of liberal minded "forward thinking" adults and coddling parents who feel that whuppings are indecent, offensive, and unnecessary. These are the same people that will bemoan the overcrowded jails and the crime rate. When I got too far out of line, my parents whipped me. Because of that, I love and respect them more because they didn't try to be my "friend". Friends don't whip friends and parents aren't supposed to be friends with their kids.

The bottom line is because of what my parents did for me, they made me understand that my actions have consequences so it's best for me to pick the right actions to take. And this understanding kept me away from doing the wrong thing which is why I know better now as a grown man.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Asking for a spot does NOT mean I want you to work out with me

Just to state for record's sake, I don't go to the gym to:

1) Dress in the latest sports attire and model for everyone
2) Flirt with the women
3) Talk to everybody instead of working out

With that being said, I do go to the gym because I want to stay in good physical condition while eating whatever I please and I want to get stronger than I already am. The keywords there are "stronger than I already am". This means that I have limits and weaknesses that I'm trying to overcome, but I can only do that by pushing myself to those limits.

Just to make sense of this, when I ask someone for a spot in the gym, I am asking for someone to assist me. If I am on the bench press, that may mean "breaking" the weight by removing it from the bar, and then watching me to make sure that I don't let the bar loaded with weight crush my chest. That's it! I don't ask for a spot so the person can do the exact opposite of what I do and can get a workout in too.

When I'm on the bench press, I don't want the person spotting me to pull the bar up as I'm trying to push it up. Why? Because if someone else is pulling all the weight, what kind of workout am I getting and if someone else is doing all the work, then I'm not getting any stronger.

You may or may not be into fitness, but I hope this point hits home for you...if someone else is doing all the work for you or taking the "weight" of the world off your shoulders, then not only are you living a sheltered life, but you're also not getting stronger. So when that "spotter" or that "yes" man isn't around anymore, an actual problem will crush your weak self. Just remember that it's always good to ask for assistance, but never ask for a crutch.

Monday, October 18, 2010

What is the point of an idea?

The second most important lesson any of us can ever learn is that our minds are the playground where any and everything we want to happen can happen. I know that at one time, the people reading this wanted to be spacemen, princesses, firemen, and probably a few of you who wanted to be president. I'm sure that somewhere along the line, you told your ideas and your dreams to someone else, and they said something to the effect of, "That will never work." So in just four simple words, it's possible to crush an idea even before it's attempted. But this raises the bigger question, what is the point of an idea?

Ideas are a construct of our minds & often, the difference between its success or failure depends on if we use that idea or not. Nothing you use or buy has ever or will ever magically appear. The television you watch...started out as an idea, the computer you use...started out as an idea, and even the websites you visit were just ideas in a person's head until they decided to try them. The next big thing that everyone will want is an idea in someone's head right now.

Ideas need plans, and plans need ideas. It's a basic symbiotic relationship. You may have an idea that you decide to share with your friends and family. They may tell you that it's a great idea and you might even share it with people you meet on twitter or facebook. The setback for you now is that unless you come up with a plan of action, the only thing that you have is an idea. From here, there's one of two conclusions: either your idea is wasted and it profits you nothing, or someone else thinks of your idea or steals your idea and uses it. In the last scenario, you become one of the people who inevitably say, "Aww, I had thought of that. If only I had done something with it."

The last thing to bring up is what is the value of an idea? Every idea is both priceless to the person who thought of it, and worthless to everyone else until that idea has a physical breakthrough. So for those of you with ideas running through your heads now, I hope you start a plan for your idea so that you can make it a reality for the rest of us.

Friday, October 8, 2010

You done messed up

We are all capable of great and wonderful things, and in our lifetimes, many of us are able to achieve those things. Even with our capability for goodness, there's one thing that none of us can escape. We are all human, and therefore, we are all also capable of messing up.

Now when I say that we are capable of messing up, it's not a cop-out or an excuse for anyone to do wrong. What this means is that if we gave in to our body's desires and whims, then we would quickly and easily mess up. I can't count how many times I've personally screwed up, but I can honestly say that every time I did, I was never forced into the wrongdoing. It's always in our control to do the right thing or fall for the wrong...remember that.

The main reason I came up with this blog is because of something I read. There was a rich and powerful man who had the best of everything and beautiful women all over him. One night, he saw this gorgeous woman and he found out who she was and he found out she was married. He didn't let marriage stop him because he sent his hired help to tell her to come to his house, and when she did, he slept with her and got her pregnant. So he came up with a plan of sending her husband to the front line of a war, and her husband was killed. After that, this rich man married the woman. I can't begin to describe how many ways this man messed up.

The story I'm talking about is the story of David, but here's the kicker...David was so wrapped up in how good his wrongdoing felt that he didn't even realize he was doing wrong. God ended up sending someone to him to tell him that he slipped up and messed up. That's just how warped we get when we get caught up in the wrong thing. We lose sight of the fact that we're doing wrong, and I can recall several occasions where someone else had to tell me that I was in the wrong. Of course, the first thing I did was get upset, and I've also said, "Who are you to judge me? You ain't perfect!".

No, there is no one among us that's perfect, but if your first thought when someone tells you that you messed up is to get angry, you need to pause. Think about what they said, and why they said it. Sometimes, people will try to call you out on something just because they don't like you. But there are also times that people will tell you, "You done messed up." because they actually care enough about you to fill you in when you're clueless about how badly you're slipping up.

And when you realize what you've done wrong, "I'm sorry" is the first thing you need to say to the ones you've wronged. Just remember that it's always easier to tell yourself "No!" when it comes to doing something that you know is wrong than having to humble yourself and apologizing for the wrong that you allowed yourself to do. And if you ever need a visual reminder of what happens when you slip up, check out 2 Samuel 12:1-12. It's a lot easier to read someone else's consequences than to have to face your own.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Why I Go to Church

The title of this blog says exactly what I'll be talking about right now. I was moved to write this after I read "The Dilemma of the Unchurched Believer". I feel that this was a good blog because it expresses the writer's true feelings no matter what anyone else thinks.

My first reason for going to church as a kid was because my parents made me. Most Sundays, I didn't want to go and I would try to find any excuse not to go which would include lying about being sick, injured, or even losing clothes(yeah, it was that bad). But as a kid, I could only look forward to the time I was a grown up and I wouldn't have to go to church anymore.

Once I graduated high school and left home for college, my dad died. That event, plus oddly enough, reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X, I began to seriously doubt the presence and existence of God. That doubt grew to denial which led me to living on my own earthly beliefs.

A number of things renewed my belief and my faith in God. For starters, I have lived through a major car accident, I've lived through sickness, and there have been many situations in my life that I had no control over yet I made it through. While some might say doctors healed me, or I had luck on my side, I know enough to be able to say that there is no book or no person that can teach someone else how to perform miracles of healing. I can also say that luck has nothing to do with the trials I've made it through because if luck truly existed, everyone would have a rabbit's foot right now. So my renewed faith in God brought me back to church. It was incredulous to me that I actually wanted to go.

But that's not the end of it because at one time(this is around 2002), I stopped going to church. My church became divided over a preacher and I couldn't stand it. I got fed up with all of these people who claimed they loved God fussing and fighting like they do on VH1 reality shows. So I figured that I could still get my praise on with God at my house by watching the t.v. ministers. This kind of life didn't work for me for 2 reasons. First, I began to see that the less time I spent being around people who were working to be more God-like and the more time I spent being around people who didn't care about religion, the less attention I gave God. Second, I came to accept and understand that going to church was meant for me to get closer to God by learning about Him through His word, and not so I can get closer to another person.

There is no man alive that determines my success or my failure, and there is no man alive that determines my salvation or my damnation. I've learned that that is why I go to church to, "Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling." (Psalms 2:11) The journey I made to give my life to God is far from done, but it is my journey. I can't tell you who to serve, and neither can anyone else. But I will gladly tell you what He's done for me.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's highly acceptable to brag on others

I like talking about myself. That may sound like an amazing revelation, but even I have to admit that sometimes, I enjoy spending time in self-amazement at all my "glory". In spite of this, I am constantly made aware of something even more powerful and something more worthwhile... flaunting the gifts, abilities, and successes of others.

Am I crazy for this...not in the least bit. Because not only have I found that my friends have told more people about what I've done than I could ever do alone, but I also find it more fun to talk about someone other than myself. How else do we find out about the singer with the amazing voice that no one else has heard of? Do you personally always have the best relationship advice or do you get words of wisdom from someone who's been in a happy relationship for years on end?

We are a world that thrives on information and the only way that information is learned is when you pass it on. I've made amazing friends, acquaintances, contacts, and whatever else you want to call them, but the greatest thrill in knowing them is making sure others know about them too.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My 2010 NFL predictions

Disclaimer: I am as shocked as you are about some of my predictions, but I stand behind them...unless players start getting hurt(I'm looking at you Mr. Schaub & Mr. Sanders).

AFC North

Baltimore - 14-2(div. winners)
Cincinnati - 11-5(wild card winner)
Pittsburgh - 9-7
Cleveland - 0-16(a little of a shocker)

AFC South

Indianapolis - 12-4(div. winners)
Tennessee - 10-6(wild card winner)
Houston - 9-7
Jacksonville - 2-14

AFC East

New England - 12-4(div. winners)
New York - 7-9(so much for buying a SB)
Miami - 7-9
Buffalo - 3-13

AFC West

San Diego - 13-3(div. winners)
Denver - 8-8
Oakland - 8-8
Kansas City - 4-12

NFC North

Green Bay - 12-4(div. winners)
Minnesota - 8-8(don't shoot the messenger)
Chicago - 8-8
Detroit - 7-9(BIG time improvement)

NFC South

New Orleans - 12-4(div. winners)
Atlanta - 12-4(wild card winner)
Carolina - 6-10
Tampa Bay - 3-13

NFC East

Dallas - 13-3(div. winners)
New York - 10-6(wild card winner)
Philadelphia - 8-8
Washington - 6-10

NFC West

San Francisco - 9-7(div. winners)
Arizona Cardinals - 5-11
Seattle Seahawks - 4-12
St. Louis - 3-13

AFC championship game

Baltimore vs. San Diego - Baltimore wins

NFC championship game

Dallas vs. Green Bay - Dallas wins

Super Bowl 45

Dallas vs. Baltimore(YEAH!)

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Jazmine Cashmere is tempting, but a Lena Horne is timeless

A Jazmine Cashmere is tempting, but a Lena Horne is timeless
Being a man, I admit I am addicted to the visual
But there's something about style and grace that's more sensual
A woman's beauty may fade, but her soul is everlasting

Being a man, I admit I am addicted to the visual
But no matter how good she looks, at some point, she has to talk
A woman's beauty may fade, but her soul is everlasting
Some women have sexy parts, but a chosen few exude sexiness

No matter how good she looks, at some point, she has to talk
And the phenomenal women have brains behind that sexy walk
Some women have sexy parts, but a chosen few exude sexiness
The iceberg of your body is stunning, but show me what's underneath

The phenomenal women have brains behind that sexy walk
But there's something about style and grace that's more sensual
The iceberg of your body is stunning, but show me what's underneath
A Jazmine Cashmere is tempting, but a Lena Horne is timeless

Writer's note - If you haven't heard of Jazmine Cashmere or Lena Horne, google them! No, I'm not picking on Jazmine or anyone else because she is sexy. This poem is about going past the outer beauty and finding out what's underneath...the real sexiness is there.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Talented Ink Vs. The Iced Out Kid





























Thursday, August 5, 2010

Commercial break for...INSTA-BLACK!

What most of you don't realize is that all the funding that is required to run my blog is paid by my sponsor, Blammo Industries. With that being said, it's time for a commercial break. If you want a serious blog, try coming back next time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Blammo Industries, the same company that brought you the world famous mind meld cap, the hat that you can give to complete strangers and make them think, talk, and act just like you, is back with a brand new invention that's sure to please....INSTA BLACK!

Black people, are you tired of being harassed by the black police because they tell you that you're just "not Black enough"? Are there white people at your job that are more "down" with the brothers than you are? Do you get teased because you take the time to properly enunciate your words correctly or because you know what enunciate means? Are you tired of not being able to know the proper context in which to use "youknowwhatimsayin'" and are you mad that you STILL don't know how to make it rain because you don't party like a rock star? Then it's time for INSTA BLACK! What is INSTA BLACK? INSTA BLACK is a pill that if taken 3 times a day , in just 72 hours we guarantee that you will not only look blacker, but feel AND act blacker too! Don't just take our word for it though....

Hello, my name is Pernell Washington, and I'm a lawyer in the beautiful city of Baltimore. I graduated with a master's from a historically black university, I cheerfully give to the United Negro College Fund, and I am an active member of my local NAACP, yet in spite of my attempts to better my community, the black police tagged me as being too "White". So I tried INSTA BLACK and in just 3 days, my whole life has changed. My suits used to come from designer malls, but now I buy all of my outfits from Bishop Magic Don Juan's boutique and now my name is Big Things. Because you know when Big Things is popping, little things are stopping. I have a gang of bitches I call the Rainbow Coalition because if you want Black, White, Chinese, short or tall, Big Things has them all! Thank you for pimpifying me INSTA BLACK! Chuch!

Hi, my name is Carol Sutherland and I am sick and tired! I have a wonderful job as an engineer in what is considered a "man's" field. I drive a 2009 BMW 745 and I live in a beautiful 3 bedroom house that I've already paid for. I'm sick and tired because the brothers in my city are scared as hell of a successful Black woman that makes more than them. I see a lot of their tired asses chasing after ghetto hood rats so I decided to try INSTA BLACK. Now the same niggas that used to run from me, can't get enough of me. Now, I've got Tyrell, Darnell, Tyrone, and Micheal all blowing up my phone and paying my bills and you know what they have...nothing but hope. What they want, they can't have, but I take all that they have. Thank you INSTA BLACK!

Greetings my fellow Americans. My name is Barack Obama and I am your President. I always thought that if I stuck to the issues that concern us as a nation and hold fast to the truth, that would be enough for this nation, but the polls and the black police have shown me that I'm just not black enough. So I tried new INSTA BLACK and I decided that my name was given to me out of hatred for the color of my skin by the White man. So I have changed my name to Barack X. Salam Aleikum my brothers and sisters and thank you INSTA BLACK!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thank you 9/11 first responders, and screw congressional bureaucrats

There was a moment in my life when I was involved in a car accident that was so severe that my head was split open and I was knocked unconscious. I could not help myself, and if it were not for the grace of God, onlookers, policemen, firemen and emergency medical technicians(first responders) who airlifted me to a hospital, I would have died. For one second, I want you to think about a moment where you, a loved one, or even just someone you know owes their life to the unselfish and ever alert actions of a first responder.

With that thought in your mind, it is beyond my political comprehension that any man or woman, Democrat or Republican could have the nerve to vote no on a bill for health care for 9/11 first responders. Why, in God's name would Republicans vote "no" to this bill? Because, "the bill would pay for itself by closing a tax loophole on foreign companies with U.S. subsidiaries." In other words, multinational corporations that are exempt from U.S. taxes would no longer have that exemption. And, Republicans aren't in agreement with that.

But the health care bill received a majority vote which would have passed it, but Democratic representatives enacted a special voting procedure which required that the bill get at least a 2/3 majority vote in order to be passed. Why? Because the Democrats felt the Republicans might "try to kill the bill with amendments". What kind of message does this send to every American who is a first responder and even Americans who are simply good Samaritans? First responders get paid for their job, but they take the classes and get the necessary training for their jobs by their own choice. So it seems that the men and women of congress are telling them that they made a poor choice in judgment because of congress's unwillingness to help our own even though the first responders are helping us.

But this isn't a rant. This is a request for you to use your political power to help influence your congressmen. Write your representative by going here. Once you get the address, mail your congressman a letter and ask, no demand that they revive the Zadroga act and then to vote yes. If you don't want to mail a letter, call them instead. We were all so happy to "rock the vote", so here's a chance to make more real change for the people who help keep us alive.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Collaboration makes money, collaborating makes sense

Collaboration(n.) - The act of working together or cooperating to achieve a common interest or goal.


A friend mentioned that phrase to me recently, and she's dead on. This is the thing that people live for, die for, and some even plot and connive for. Just for the chance to have an opportunity. I mention this now because I have learned through ups and downs that the access to the opportunity that we seek is 10,000 times easier when we work together.

First and foremost, for any sports fan, name one championship team(NFL, NBA, MLB or otherwise). Now name one championship team that won by only having one player on the field or on the court. No matter how long you think about it, you can't name one because every winning team has reached the top because individuals were willing to collaborate for the sake of becoming a championship team.

Secondly, in 2009, Bill Gates held a super moguls secret summit in New York. Oprah was there, Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner and many other billionaires came together to discuss common interests and work towards common goals. In 2010, Bill Gates hosted a CEO summit in Seattle which included guests like Dana White and U.S. Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner. So my question to you is if these wealthy athletes and high powered moguls know enough about the power of teamwork to collaborate, why don't you do the same?

Don't let anyone fool you, but the days of the "self-made" individual are done! The people who get ahead get there because a group or army of individuals are behind them pushing them forward. Some people would rather work on their own, others feel that working in a group is a waste of time and then there are those that would rather cut down, discriminate, or simply hate other individuals instead of working with them. Some of these people can be helped while others are doomed to keep the attitudes that will do nothing but hold them back as the rest of the world progresses.

The bottom line is that with collaboration...we all get ahead faster.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Beautiful Face of Evil

What do you want? What do you want that you believe in your heart of hearts that you will get if you work hard enough for it? Think about that you have a mental image of what you believe in, keep reading.

Have you heard of a movie called “The Beautiful Face of Evil” yet? It's this movie that takes place in New York and it centers around 5 main characters. One of them is named William Richardson III and he's a charismatic, drug abusing, and adulterous alcoholic who's also the mayor of New York City. His wife, Allison is a loving, docile, and enabling doormat. William's mistress is named Desdemona Gutierrez and Desdemona is a shrewd, manipulative, and conniving madam. Charles Staton is William's best friend and he's a marijuana smoking news personality who loves saying things to his guests and others just to get under their skin. Evonda Troutman is Charles's girlfriend and she's also a former Playboy Playmate who's now a music video “actress”. One of the best things about this movie is that instead of preaching about how “doing bad is the wrong thing to do, so don't do it”, the main characters show just how much fun you can have while you're doing the wrong thing. On top of that, it shows just what happens when you get a chance to be bad.

If you haven't seen or heard of “The Beautiful Face of Evil” yet, don't worry...that's just because I haven't shot it yet. The reason you're still reading right now is because my belief is that this movie will be made. I also believe that you can help me make this movie. The way I see it is that at the end of every movie, a long list of names of the cast and crew scroll across the screen in the credits. I want you and everyone you know to see your name in the credits. How? For $5-$10, you can buy your own spot on the big screen. Not only can you show off your name in lights, but you can also tell everyone you know that “The Beautiful Face of Evil” was made because of you.

You can buy your credit space by going through Paypal and sending the money to Remember that regardless of whether you pay $5 or $10, you still buy a spot for your name in the credits, but keep in mind that the more who buy a $10 space, the sooner the movie will be made. If you don't want to buy a space for any reason, I understand, and I ask one small favor of you instead. Tell everyone you know about “The Beautiful Face of Evil” and be sure to tell them that if they want it, they can buy their spot in the credits too. Think about what you believe in, and then remember that this is what I believe in. I thank you in advance for anything you do to help.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Get Out of Your Cage(Thank You Katt Williams)

I find inspiration in all places, and as funny as Katt Williams is to me(and a lot of others), he said an analogy which really hit home with me. When you watch this clip, be prepared for explicit language, but if you listen to everything he's saying, hopefully you'll truly understand the joke/analogy.

Just like you have at least one big, bold, beautiful dream that you want to accomplish, so do I. Personally, I want to produce and direct my own movies and television shows. Just like you have planned for your dream, so have I. I have scripts and screenplays, and I'm mailing letters and sending e-mails to any production company I can find. Now, just like you, I run into negatives, and people who say, "Thanks, but no thanks."

This is where the cage comes into play. We've all heard that we are destined for greatness, and the truth is that we are, but sometimes we start doubting and even denying that truth when we get bombarded by the negatives. I say we because I know that I've been guilty of that as well. I can also say that just like the people who pass by the tiger's cage at the zoo and take pictures of a captive tiger, there are people in our lives who look at us like captured tigers, except instead of throwing peanuts at us, they throw insults just to try to make us feel low.

Keep this analogy in mind when it comes to realizing your dream, because just like Katt said, all it takes is one opportunity and your dream will become reality. I also want you to keep in mind that if your dream was easy to obtain, then it wouldn't be a dream, it would just be an errand. You are a tiger, you were born free, and I just swiped the zookeeper's key so let's go!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The top 10 songs(in no particular order) I'm going to play when I learn how to play a guitar

Is there a need for this list...absolutely not! Is there a reason for it...because I like these 10 songs well enough to want to learn how to play them.

1. "Paint It Black" The Rolling Stones
2. "Misirlou" Dick Dale and the Del Tones
3. "Authority Song" John Mellencamp
4. "Girlfriend" Matthew Sweet
5. "Times Like These(acoustic version)" The Foo Fighters
6. "Sunshine of Your Love" Cream
7. "Pride and Joy" Stevie Ray Vaughn
8. "Theme From Peter Gunn" Duane Eddy
9. "Running Down a Dream" Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
10."Nasty Letter" Otis Taylor

Friday, July 9, 2010

You can move mountains

Hopefully I won't get too wordy with this and if you take away one thing, make sure it's this:

The world will never be right, but we were never meant to conform to the world

Now I do want you to understand that this isn't a doom and gloom tirade because along with fact, I am also stating my testimony. I have learned and we all know that there are just as many people in the world that want to see you fail as there are people who want to be the ones to cause your failure. There are people who don't like you or even hate you and they don't even know you. I'm not sorry to be the one to say this, but I do pray for these intolerant ones.

On the flipside, I'm proud to say that peace and righteousness are not foreign things no matter what part of the world you live in. I know that I can say if you choose not to fall victim to an unfeeling world, not only will you accomplish greatness, but you will inspire greatness as well. Please understand that I don't necessarily mean greatness as in money or power, but greatness is always overcoming hardships, bigotry, and evil. The Little Rock Nine, Mohandas Gandhi, and Mother Teresa are all shining examples of achieving greatness in spite of circumstances, but there are so many more examples if you choose to seek them or be them.

The bottom line is that there is more than enough problems in the world to criticize, but criticism and anger does nothing. Rather than cry for change, be the change you want to see in the world. Even if you don't see yourself moving mountains, just by moving your neighbor to be that positive change as well, you have just moved humanity one step closer to achieving greatness.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The difference between God and my words

I write a LOT of words. You can see them here, on Twitter, and on sites like Brotherspeak and Hubpages. No matter where you find my words, you can see and read them as much as you like, but we can't see God. He could be standing next to me or sitting next to you right now and we wouldn't know it.

Now here's the matter how hard I try or how hard you try, you can't feel my words, but every day God's presence can be felt. I feel God's presence every morning I wake up because I know there was no other way I was able to open my eyes but because of Him. When I hear about someone miraculously surviving a car wreck or going through some ordeal that others haven't or wouldn't survive, I feel God's presence. And every time a baby is born, God's presence is felt. Science does its best to explain birth, life and genetics because science can not and never should deal with anything that's unseen.

Yet as wonderful and beneficial as science is, nobody can fully explain who we are and where we came from because it took God to make us. I'm a writer and through my words, I have created alternate realities and I've used my words to give my commentary on the world and how I see it. God is a creator and he created the world we live on, us, and everyone around us.

The bottom line is that my words express who I was and who I am, so they serve as my own personal testimony. I know that God's presence can be felt by anyone, but it's up to you to feel it for yourself. I can only tell you what he's done for me.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A sneak peek at Doc Rivers's pre-game Game 7 speech

It's only a game. You guys are a bunch of grown men so I know I don't need to say anything to motivate you especially since it's...just a game. But remember back in the regular season when the people that "know" basketball said that you were past your prime? Everybody said that we wouldn't make it to the finals again, let alone the playoffs. Was it "just a game" then? And so you fought, and you won until we made it to the playoffs...AGAIN! And then those same know-it-alls wanted to crown Cleveland as the 2010 champs before we even stepped on their court. Was game 4 of that series "just a game" when they had us down 2-1?! Every single one of you stepped up and you clawed and you pushed, until you won 3 straight!

Game 6 wasn't a 6 was a testament to everything we hold near and dear on this Boston team. And even then when Orlando punched us in the mouth on our own floor...the critics came out. They wanted to say we had gone as far as we wasn't "just a game" then. Orlando pushed hard, so we pushed harder and we stole their magic!

L.A. outgunned us in game 1 and half the nation cried out, "L.A. has already won the finals!". Kevin, Pau had the balls to call you soft...was it just a game for you then? Even after that, it only took 4 days for us to make every critic eat crow and every Laker fan crap their pants. L.A. went from "We know we're going to win" to "We hope". But then, we got punished Tuesday and we lost one of our fiercest warriors. So now, here we are with a black eye, busted lip, and a bruised ego. Is it still "just a game" for any of you?

Gentlemen, we have 48 minutes left of playing ball on t.v. together and then our season's over. Now I don't know what's going to happen after tonight, but I know that I'm not ready to lie down, give up, or quit and say "It's just a game." Perk isn't out because "it's just a game" and Kevin, if anything is possible, then this isn't a game. This is a moment in time where we define ourselves again not as great players, but as a great team! Don't worry about if you're on the floor or if you're on the bench, just worry that no matter where you are, you're pushing this team ahead. If you're on the bench, you better be the loudest player cheering on your brothers as they fight on the floor and if you're on the floor, you better be the hungriest player in Staples! It wasn't just a game when we started this year and it damn sure isn't a game now! Boston...this is our night and our time...WE WILL NOT BE DENIED!

Monday, May 24, 2010

The #1 show you haven't heard of(yet) - Front Page

I'll be short and sweet...this is the treatment of a television drama for which I already have the show bible and the pilot script for. The one thing that I'm working to get for it is the production company.

Front Page

A television treatment by Garrett Rogers

WGA registration #1418846

Downtown at The Chicago Post news building, the word of the day is pressure. There is the owner of the Post, Stephen A. Garrison, a wealthy billionaire who sometimes feels the pressure of trying to keep a newspaper solvent let alone lucrative in an internet based world. His editor-in-chief, Barbara Jacobs, is a stern, headstrong woman who feels the pressure from Stephen to make the paper successful and the pressure to maintain leadership over her staff without establishing a tyrannical approach, all the while feeling the self-inflicted pressure to accomplish her own personal goals.

Every person inside The Chicago Post building contributes to the success or failure of the newspaper and to that end, everyone feels the anxiety and pressure of working at a newspaper in their own different way. There’s the accountant, Dac Kien Trần, a man who prides himself on his impeccable knowledge of the financial sector all the while thinking himself faultless. Tara Fedorov, is the director of human resources and the first and usually last face that a potential Post employee sees. She is notorious for her abrasive demeanor and harsh mouth that many feel only masks past pain. Fernando Guzmán is a sports reporter and a sloven, tactless male chauvinist who isn’t really a sports fan and lacks the passion of one, but has a limitless knowledge of sports facts and is one of the Post’s best writers.

Craig Jennings is a clean cut and passionate man who seems too good to be true and is applying for a sports reporter position on the pilot of the show. The editorial writer, Anthony Pleasant, is an idealistic, liberal democrat who despises anyone who would claim to be a republican yet struggles not to make the paper his own personal soapbox. Mickey Hughes is a cartoonist for the paper and a man that everyone else would love to have a beer with. The only problem for Mickey is that he has a personal issue which he wrestles to come to terms with and has a hard time making any true social connection because of it.

The news reporters are an intelligent albeit occasionally egocentric lot. Ronald Paulsen has aspirations of being the next Walter Cronkite so he is constantly in search of the next big story which could help him launch his name into super stardom. He often attempts this feat regardless of who his exploits might offend or harm. Kristin Lawrence is a Rutgers educated reporter who is dedicated to the facts yet abhors the fact that she lives in a male driven society and refuses to adhere to any female archetype that men envision for her. While she refuses to be stereotyped, she isn’t above using her feminine wiles to manipulate someone else for her own benefit. Terrence Edwards is an aspiring rock star with a troubled past who sees his job as a reporter as a paying gig until his band's big break while Abd-Al-Malik Kassab is a proud Middle Eastern man who has lived in the U.S. the majority of his life yet is consistently profiled by ignorant and pretentious xenophobes which tends to drive Kassab to occasional fits of anger or depression.

Emmett Schroeder is an old and haggard photographer who is distrusting towards strangers and all managerial personnel, and harbors numerous conspiracy theories. Madeline Barbosa is the perfect antithesis to Emerson because she is a young woman who believes in the inherent good of men and sees her position as a starting point to do great things. The janitor of The Chicago Post is Solomon Morgan, and Solomon is the man that knows a little bit about everyone who works at the Post since from his position, he is usually in the background of every conversation and any dealing that happens in the building. He is a proud man who enjoys his work and not only demands respect but gives it to those who he feels deserves it. Yazmin Ramirez is the resident advice columnist and Post sex kitten who shares her intuitive advice with everyone while her sexual innuendo keeps every man interested.

Pierre Fournier is the newspaper’s food critic and a pompous, pretentious connoisseur of extravagant food and fine wine who not only expects everyone to hang onto his every word, but keeps every restaurant he visits on “pins and needles” anytime he visits. Matt Thompson is the tech writer who is not only obsessed with science fiction and anything modern, but maintains a quiet humility even though he is the smartest person at the Post. Thompson spends most of his time online, reading a magazine, or daydreaming about future possibilities.

The possibility for drama, tension, passion, and humor at the newspaper is limitless due to the number of possible interactions while involved in a strenuous work environment. Television dramas thrive on the personal connections that are made and destroyed based on unfolding events, and at the newspaper, the events are twofold based on what everyone is going through and the current events that are taking place which can turn the newspaper on its ear at a moment’s notice. With this in mind, the show can be driven not only by the creative element of the writers involved, but by current events ripped from the news as well.

Every day, news happens and every day, our lives are somehow changed because of the events that unfold around us. Whether it is in the political or financial sector, whether it concerns religious beliefs, or even if it pertains to the criminal element, the public is affected. Because of these numerous events, we rely on news reporters, gossip columnists, and people paid to give their opinions to tell us about these daily happenings. The people at the Chicago Post aren't always involved in what happens in the world, but they are deeply entrenched in the business of relaying to the rest of the world what's happening in their backyard and everyone else's. This isn't the front line, but this is the front page!

The sad state of affairs in Hollywood and how I'm going to change it

I know that with the ending of Lost, Hollywood is desperate to find the show that could possibly be Lost part 2. I have one thing to say about that...


Whether you liked it or not, Lost drew in tens of millions of viewers every week just to see some characters trying to deal with being on a deserted island. There will NEVER be another show like that, yet Hollywood producers and mogul types are trying to do that, but it's not going to work.

I used to be embarrassed to say that I am a t.v. addict, but my very existence is to be a writer, and as a writer I love seeing and reading other writer's creations. So as a lifelong t.v. addict I have some room to say what can and can't work right now. Flashforward being canned is proof that a Lost type show won't be well received and with the cancellation of Numbers and Miami Medical, we the people are saying we're tired of seeing 20 new medical and/or police dramas every television season.

Apparently Hollywood isn't getting this message so I'm going to do the one thing I can. I alone(at least for now) am coming for Hollywood and I am armed to the teeth with television treatments, show bibles, and scripts for shows that have never been put on television, but need to be seen. Honestly, I do want to see my name on the screen as executive producer, but more importantly, I want to keep the line of GOOD television going. Shows like Burn Notice, Grey's Anatomy, Fringe, and even Glee won't be around forever so I'm going to put my ideas and my work into enough people's hands until I get to the right hands that will work with me and put these shows on the t.v. So if you're reading this and you know somebody who just happens to work with or know one of these Hollywood let them know that I'm coming for them and this determined man will not be stopped.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

How to get ANY man you want

Ladies, I'm no dating or relationship expert, but I just learned something startling and quite possibly earth shattering, that you all need to know. But first, a little disclaimer...

To my fellow brothers in arms...I am not about to break any part of the man code, but what I am doing is revealing truth to bring about understanding. The more understanding there is between men and women, the chance for drama becomes less likely.

With that said, ladies there is but one rule and one rule only that you need to know and use in order to get any and I mean ANY man that you want:


Wait, now sit down...breathe, and take a minute to let that sink in. This is the great "secret" in order to get the man of your dreams. When I say standards, I'm talking about your rules, your principles, and everything you will accept and the things you refuse to live without. Now for the single women who say that they already do this yet are still "man-less", there's one of two reasons why.

The first reason you'd still be "man-less" is because you concede your standards. For the women who want a man to open doors for them, pull out their chair for them, and pay for at least the first real date(and bowling and McDonald's isn't really a date), then you have every right to demand these as standards for yourself. So the first thing you need to do with your standard is tell your girlfriend. Once you do that, tell your men friends, and then tell the next guy you meet, and then the next guy, and tell everyone that you know until you've told everyone your standards. But if you go out with a man that doesn't pay for the date, you've yielded one of your standards. If you go out with a man that walks out in front of you and then lets the door almost hit you because he's not holding it for you, then you're not living up to your own standards. STOP IT!

I'll be honest ladies...I'm writing this for one reason and one reason alone. I called a woman who has a standard that she doesn't accept calls from men after dark, and here's the kicker...I respect her wishes because it's the standard that she set from the beginning. Now I don't expect anything from this woman except conversation and maybe an option for a future date, but she has a personal rule that any man she talks to has to follow or else she doesn't talk to him. Ladies, it's that simple! If you want a man to treat you a certain way, then accept nothing less than that treatment and you will get it! Don't bend, don't give in, and don't break because when you do, you will be treated however the man chooses to treat you. Not only this, but I can honestly say that if you allow a man to break your rules, the man will lose a little bit of respect for you and won't respect any future rules you try to make.

This is the way to get any man that you want ladies, but there's one other reason that you might be "man-less". The more specific you are with your standards, the more unspecified the time will be before you get what you want. In other words, if you want a tall, light skinned man with six pack abs, and a six figure savings account who drives a BMW 745 and has at least one vacation home, you can get this man. The only thing is that you'll have to be willing to take the time for a man like this to be available to come to you. That's the last thing I want to say ladies. Don't chase us, we'll chase you because if you're chasing us and we're not's either because we're not interested or you're breaking your standards. Either way, stop hunting and just become the hunted, but be the hunted that keeps standards.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My life as a spy - January 2006

Just how long does it take to forget having a gun drawn on you? Apparently somewhere between a day and 4 months, because by January some guy named Tomás who got the jump on me when I wasn't ready was a forgotten memory. That is until he got the jump on me again at my gym. I hadn't ask anyone for a spot on the bench, but Tomás took it upon himself to be helpful that day. After I got up, my first instinct was to punch him, but after thinking about what happened last time, I decided I'd hear him out one last time.

Once we got in the steam room, he started going on about this matter of "national security" that his "company" needed my help with. He kept blabbering, but the more he talked, the more he sounded like a cheap remake of some spy movie. I told him that I had enough, and got up to leave. Before my right hand completely wrapped around the door handle, he said 4 simple words, "Think about the money." My right hand dropped to my side as I turned and faced my would be employer. So how much money does it take for a person to want to risk their life for an unknown reason...somewhere around $100,000, because when Tomás said that number, the only thing I could say was, "When do we leave?" A hundred grand may not sound worth risking your neck for, but when you're 19 years old, $100,000 is a key to cars, clothes, and girls.

The next day, I met Tomás at noon at Peachtree Plaza and we took off in a black Lexus. Tomás offered me a glass of champagne to "celebrate" as he put it, but sometime later, he was waking me up. The funniest part about it was that we were in another gym. Not like the one I went to, but about the same kind of set up. I joked with him by asking if this was where I'd learn kung fu and all of that, but he just smiled and said kung fu was for Hollywood. The next thing I know, this tall, lanky middle eastern guy comes out. He said his name was Amzi and then he started talking about something called Krav Maga. When I asked him if was lethal, he smiled, and then took me down with one kick and a punch. He said he could teach it to me, so I asked him when we would get started. "Right now." he replied.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

My life as a spy - September 2005

I haven't always been a writer, but ever since I was a little boy, there's always been a part of me that's wanted to save the world. I didn't get that opportunity to try until I was 18 years old. To this day, there's still some things that my company won't let me talk about, then there are things that I've forgotten as they've become jumbled thoughts in my head, but for everything that I can talk about and remember, I will.

I remember it was a cloudy morning on campus at Morehouse that September day, and for some reason I felt a chill in the air. I couldn't quite place my finger on why it was cold and what was weirder was the fact that I felt like I was being watched. My dad always used to call me paranoid so I tried to shrug off the feeling, but it just kept nagging at me. Around 3 o'clock, I promised myself that I would never ignore my gut again because that's when I met him.

He approached me as I was coming out of the library and told me that he needed to have a word with me. At first, I protested, but the black Beretta 92FS he flashed under his jacket quickly changed my mind about a quick getaway. Once we got to a secluded area, the man with the gun became Mr. Chatty Cathy. He called himself Tomás and told me that the people he represented had work for me. I told him I already had a job, and that's when he sucker punched me, and whipped out his gun.

Fancy parlor tricks or not, I told him I don't work for guys like him, and that's when he gave me a bio of my life. He started naming off the charges for pickpocketing, aiding and abetting, grand theft auto, and resisting arrest that I racked up from 11-17. I told him that wasn't my life anymore and he blabbered off my new life and how my 3.5 GPA, 1450 SAT score and a little computer hacking got me into Morehouse in the first place. This guy was really starting to piss me off, but it's hard to argue with a man holding a gun. I asked him what he wanted and he threw a card at me and said he'll be in touch.

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I can't STAND dopeheads!

dopehead(n.) - A drug ADDICT.

No, I can't stand dopeheads and no matter how anyone will ever try to justify things, there are dopeheads in baseball, dopeheads on the track, and from what I've heard today, dopeheads are riding bikes and catching balls too. I can't stand the lot of you! I'm not jealous because of what you have, but my anger towards you is based on what you're screwing up.

First off, 90% of the athletes that take to the field and take to the court have been blessed with a particular talent that not everyone has. It is this talent that gives you the ability to play the game, but if you want to win on a consistent basis, you have to train, practice, and in sports like football, you have to study! Raw talent is nothing without work and effort. You dopeheads feel that you can get away with doing things halfway if you take a little HGH. You are robbing yourself of the chance to see if you can actually hang with those who are younger and/or hungrier than you are. If the guy on the opposite team isn't juicing, then what gives you the right to have an unfair advantage? Work like your teammates do!

Now dopehead, think about the health risks. Yes male dopeheads, we know that steroids will shrink your balls, make you more aggressive, and could give you breasts. I'm not going to google what HGH does for you female dopeheads because I know about the unmentioned health risks. All those times when you bang your fist on the table and you scream, "I have NEVER used steroids and I don't appreciate being accused of it either.", you're lying to yourself and us, plus you're taking years off your life. All that anxiety, tension, and nervousness that you feel as people investigate whether you're telling the truth or's unnecessary. The truth will come out...the truth always comes out. Save yourself the headache and the possible ulcer and just be honest. On top of that, think about your family dopehead. They don't need the headache of watching the family name being dragged over the coals while you keep pretending you didn't shoot up.

There are so many more reasons I can give for stomaching what you're doing dopeheads, but I want to call out one of you right now. FLOYD LANDIS! It's not bad enough that you vehemently denied using only to have to swallow your lie, but now you want to be a rat too?! You want to say that Lance Armstrong is a dopehead too? There's a problem with your accusation Floyd. First, I know I'm not the only one who doesn't believe that Armstrong used, but if he did, I would think lesser of you than I would of him because you're only telling on someone else because you got caught? Are you 5?!

Even if Armstrong used, he's a source of inspiration that you'll never be. We all know that Armstrong had stage 3 testicular cancer that spread to his lungs and brain, but by the grace of God, some skilled surgeons, and a kind of testicular fortitude you could only hope to have, he not only went back to racing, but he won 7 back to back tours. Floyd, you have been accused and proven to be a dopehead, so accept your status and your consequence, but don't try to take someone else down with you as well.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

6 rules of living given by an old head

I never know where my next lesson is coming from, but this one came from an old head this morning.

6) Don't jump at the first person that says they like you. Be picky until you find what you want.
5) Don't start mess, but if it starts, end it.
4) Your parents are important examples of how to live your life. They either show you what you're supposed to do or what you never should do.
3) Don't be an a**. Nobody likes an a**.
2) Life is short, but it's long if you make stupid mistakes, so watch what you do.
1) Be respectful

Friday, May 14, 2010

Second life

My name is Garrett Rogers, and I've already died once. I have lied, cheated, and misused people. I've burned almost as many bridges as I've made, and some of those bridges will never be under construction again. I was told by my doctor that I have a big heart, and in this case, I'm not talking about the giving kind of heart. My doctor told me I had an enlarged heart, but it wasn't because of genetics; it was because I ate cake, burgers, pizza, and drank Dr. Pepper like the government was going to ban junk food the next day. Yet, in spite of giving in to my vices, my fears, and my prejudices...I still live.

I don't live because of my sin or bad habits, but I live in spite of them for two reasons...grace and choices. I'm saying that God has been graceful to give me a chance to see the sun rise for 33 years, and even if you don't share my belief, you have to know that your alarm clock isn't the only reason you wake up. My choices also keep me alive because rather than live the same life I have lived, I've chosen to change all that was negative and wrong with me. So that meant cutting out the Dr. Pepper, and eating a salad every now and then, but I didn't give up all of my junk food though. I also had to walk away from the people or things from my past life of wrong. It's not that they were wrong and everything I used to do wasn't bad, but I make the choices I make to make sure that I don't go back to a life that would entice me to do wrong or is wrong for me.

I don't write these words for condemnation, sympathy or even understanding, but I write these words to be an example and a voice. I want others to see the life that I used to live and then see the consequences I faced for living that life, and once you see the before, pay attention to the after. I'll tell you what I did and then you can see what I'm doing. Every day I strive to find a way to improve my life and to improve the lives of others because I am given a second life and I want to live this life for good.

The bottom line is that if you are alive to read this right now, do right by your self and do right by others. Trust me when I say that the rewards will be 1,000 times better than if you chose to do wrong.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Your self-image is all you have


That's the main point of this blog and I want you to think about it for a minute. Our "self-image" is how we see ourselves and it's this idea of ourselves that other people base their opinions of us on. Some of you may say that other people will base their opinions of us based on their friend's opinion or from gossip. Even then, their friends are judging us by our self-image above anything else. Plus, no matter what rumors are spread about us, if we aren't doing the things or acting in the way that we're rumored to, then the rumors cease to exist as the truth comes out.

I'd like to explain this in the simplest terms possible. If you see yourself as a smart person then you will act the way smart people do, you will do the things smart people do, and you will say the things smart people would say. When other people see you, observe you, and listen to what you say, they will feel you are a smart person. It's not about just "thinking" you're a certain type of person, but once you think on it, you will say you're this type, you will act like this type and you will live like the type of person you think you are. If I sound like I'm repeating myself, I am. I'm repeating myself because we have to keep repeating the same behavior, first to ourselves, and then to others and that's the only way we are who we think we are.

I remember my mom saying, "You are what you answer to." and mom couldn't be any more right. So think carefully about who you want to be and then be that person no matter who says otherwise because the proof of who you really are is in your self-image and your actions.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The death of the NFL running back

Is this really it? Have we, the fans of the NFL, forgotten about the heroes of the backfield? Before you say no...think about it. What was the best play you remember from the Super Bowl? Was it Sean Payton's gutsy call for an onside kick at the start of the third or was it Tracy Porter's pick and subsequent TD that put the nail in the coffin for the Colts? The chances are pretty high that a running play isn't your best memory.

If you want further proof, what was the biggest headline for a running back last season? More than likely, it's between Chris Johnson trying to get the most rushing yards in a season or Adrian Peterson and his apparent fumble-itis. Is this what it comes down to for the mighty RB?

The top 5 offenses of last season:

1. New Orleans
2. Dallas(That's right!)
3. New England
4. Houston
5. Minnesota

Off the bat, we can cut out #3 and #4 because you have to add up 2 of the 4 Patriots running backs to get a decent amount of rushing yards for one running back in a season...only one of them rushed for more than 700 yards. Forget Houston because with Steve Slaton coughing up the ball, the Texans' offense rested in Matt Schaub's hands. We can rule out New Orleans because Drew Brees ruled the roost there. No, Reggie Bush is a surprise RB. In other words, he's used as a receiver(47 receptions for 335 yards) just as much as he's used in the backfield(70 carries for 390 yards).

So two of the top 5 offenses have at least one decent running back who has 1,000+ yards. Wait...not even my Dallas team has one RB that has broken 1,000 yards, but since they have the "three headed monster", we feel they're a pretty good rushing team.

The top 5 running backs(and where their team ranks in total offense)

1. Chris Johnson(Tennesee ranks #12)
2. Steven Jackson(St. Louis ranks #29)
3. Thomas Jones(NY Jets ranks #20)
4. Maurice Jones-Drew(Jacksonville ranks #18)
5. Adrian Peterson(Minnesota ranks #5)

These 5 guys have made some of the best top 10 plays of last season yet the bigger spotlight has been shined on the QB and the passing plays they make. Even with the "wildcat" craze, rushing takes a backseat to a strong arm.

Will the trend to downplay the running back ever change? Probably not as long as the topic of the day is Sam Bradford, Jimmy Clausen or Tim Tebow and not C.J. Spiller, Jahvid Best or Evan Royster. Personally, it seems if the NFL is trying to be all about "parity" then the league would retain some focus on rushing side of the offense as well.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When LOST invades your dreams

So, maybe I have been watching a little too much LOST. Maybe I shouldn't fall asleep while watching television. Maybe I have an overactive imagination...but I know I'm not the only one.

So I was sleeping...GOOD and I drifted off into dreamland. I dreamed I was on a plane(no, I don't know the name or flight #) and we were flying over the Sahara(I don't know why). I decided to get up and walk to the bathroom, but suddenly, I had a premonition(or maybe it was a flash) so I headed back to my seat. The next thing I know, the plane ripped in half right behind me(luckily I wasn't in the tail end). Well...I said, "Enough is enough", and I quickly got back in my chair and buckled my seat belt(without any problems from the pesky depressurization).

So the plane crash lands in the desert, and of course, there are several people moaning and crying, but I'm walking around assessing the damage and helping a few survivors pitch tents. Yes, after 5 minutes of crashing, people were already making shelters(it could happen). I thought about it for a minute and again I said, "Enough is enough", and I walked for about a half mile to a set of apartment buildings(because of course there are residents in the Sahara). I knocked on one door and a old Chinese lady answered the door. I said hello to her daughter and then I asked her if I could use her phone because I was just involved in a plane crash.

I really wish I could have finished this dream, but I woke up while I was making the call. All I know is that I couldn't have made this up if I wanted to.

DAMN you LOST! Stay out of my dreams!

Monday, March 8, 2010

An unpaid shout out to my PS3

To Sony, the makers of my PS3...WOW! You guys have outdone yourselves with this one. Even though I had to give up my favorite kidney and I had to pawn my pet dog, buying your system was well worth it. My family and I could have gotten an XBOX 360, but the 360 only had one controller, no wires, and no games, but the PS3 we got came with 2(yes, 2) controllers, all the wires, and Uncharted 2. I thought the funny white guy on your commercials was joking, but Uncharted 2 really does look like a movie! My son played it for about 8 hours and I just sat back with a bag of popcorn and watched him play and I didn't even feel the "I wanna play" twinge that any gamer normally feels.

The faces on Grand Theft Auto IV kinda suck, but I do like the control I have in the game though. And I know I'm a little behind on my Madden, but even the intro to Madden '08 will turn any mere mortal into a football fan and any football fan into a crazed Madden loving lunatic. I decided to go into franchise mode and even the fantasy draft gave me chills. One half of my brain is screaming, "WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!", while the other half is working hard not to mess up my game by picking a bad draft pick(I's just a game!). Even though my team is in Dallas, I decided to pick the lowly '08 Lions for my franchise. Don't sweat because I drafted players like Michael "Me hit you long time" Strahan, Darren "Mr. Interception" Sharper, Philip Rivers, Kurt "Six Million Dollar Man" Warner, Frank Gore, Maurice Jones-Drew, Brandon Jacobs, Vincent Jackson, and Jeff Saturday just to name a few. Oh yeah...this Lions team is winning the Super Bowl!

To put it quite must buy this PS3 and when you do, write Sony and tell them you bought it because of me so I can get my royalty. LMAO

Saturday, March 6, 2010

If I was GM

If I was the GM of the...

St. Louis Rams - First, I would pray. Soon after, I'd fix three STRONG drinks. While I'm buzzed, I'd realize that I need to shake up my team. The first shake up I'd do is to trade down with Washington so I would give them my 1st pick for their 4th pick and Jason Campbell. Forget what you've heard, because even with getting 43 sacks last season, Campbell still had 64.5% completion with a 86.4 passer rating. WE CAN BUILD ON THIS! To protect him, I'd take OG Chester Pitts from Houston for a 2011 4th or 3rd round pick which is like trading a bucket of water for a bar of gold. I'd also grab WR Kevin Walter from free agency while the Texans are busy playing in the sand deciding if they want him or not. This way, Pitts would have a familiar face, my QB would have another sharp target besides Donnie Avery, and Walter would be more than happy to thrive in a starting role while sharing his knowledge with Danny Amendola. This would also take a little pressure off RB Steven Jackson which would make him just a little more hungry to shine when he gets his chance. With my 4th pick, I'd draft either OT Russell Okung or OT Anthony Davis.

Detroit Lions - Seeing as how I've already picked up WR Nate Burleson, DT Corey Williams, DE Kyle Vanden Bosch, re-signed LG Jon Jansen, and with the rumored signing of RB Thomas Jones in the air, I'd sign either K Jay Feely or K Neil Rackers. Then I would blow everybody's mind by trading down my 2nd pick for Oakland's 8th pick and CB Nnamdi Asomugha. With my 8th pick, I'd draft either S Taylor Mays or S Eric Berry. After the draft, I'd buy a small humidor full of Diamond Crown cigars and spread the word of a playoff spot coming within 3 years.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The first thing I would do is to re-sign MLB Barrett Ruud and then pick up either WR Mark Clayton or WR Lance Moore from the draft. If I couldn't trade WR Antonio Bryant for a 1st or 2nd round pick, I'd release him. My next move would be to draft either DT Ndamukong Suh or DT Gerald McCoy. None of these moves are too flashy, but they're a start to a rebuilding process.

Washington Redskins - First, I would pull a Bud Adams on anyone who says I should trade Jason Campbell. Then I would grab LG Logan Mankins from New England and RT Tony Pashos from San Francisco. Next, I'd grab WR Brandon Marshall because if anybody's going to handle Brandon, my man Mike will be able to. After I sign K Jay Feely or K Neil Rackers, I'd really want to shake up the system. So, I would trade DT Albert Haynesworth to the Lions for their 2nd pick. Then I would trade down my 4th pick to the Broncos for pro-bowl LB Elvis Dumervil and their 11th pick. Next, I would trade down my 11th pick to the Texans for pro-bowl TE Owen Daniels and their 20th pick. While everyone's in shock calling the Redskins the dominators of the 2010 free agency, I would slice off RB Clinton Portis like a hangnail and then draft DT Ndamukong Suh with my 2nd pick. While everybody is screaming "Washington!" in one breath and "Super Bowl" in the next breath, I'd draft either RB C.J. Spiller or RB Jahvid Best with my 20th pick. Of course...since I'm a die-hard Cowboys fan...this would NEVER happen!

Kansas City Chiefs - Since I want to keep my QB protected and give him some good options while keeping my RB healthy and hungry, I'd re-sign WR Chris Chambers and trade WR Bobby Wade and TE Leonard Pope to New Orleans for WR Lance Moore and their 2nd round pick. Then I'd sign free agent C Kevin Mawae to give my offensive line some leadership, and free agent FS Darren Sharper to give my secondary some leadership and credibility. After this, I'd want to build(a lot!) so I'd trade my 5th pick and WR Chris Chambers to Seattle for their 6th and 14th pick of the first round. Next, I'd trade my 14th pick to the Jets for their 29th pick and TE Dustin Keller. With my 6th pick, I'd draft either OT Russell Okung, OT Bruce Campbell, or OT Brian Bulaga. With my 29th pick, I'd draft either DT Jared Odrick or DT Lamarr Houston.

Monday, March 1, 2010

What I've learned from LOST

I'll admit that I've only watched the first season of LOST and the first show of the second season, yet even in that short time, I've learned a few things. The first two things I've learned is that 1) Sometimes, I think waaay too much, and 2) Sometimes, I watch too much television. In spite of these two "revelations", I find it interesting that I or any other t.v. viewer can take a fictional show and actually relate parts of it to REAL life...and use this relation to make ourselves better.

Before I sound crazy and you stop reading, think about the fact that everybody on this show is running from something. Of course, it's obvious that Kate is not only running from the law, but she's also running from the memory of her best friend that she inadvertently got killed, and the man she herself killed. There's Sawyer who's running from the man he killed while trying to forget the memory of an abusive father who killed his mother and then committed suicide, and while Sawyer is running from this, he also has to pay accountability for his grifter past. Hurley is trying to escape a self-inflicted "curse" that he feels he suffered because of a group of numbers. Sayid is running from a past life of a Iranian soldier while ducking American eyes of being profiled as a terrorist and running to rekindle a past connection.

Locke is trying to run from a mundane and handicapped life where he heard, "You can't do that" a lot. This life seems to have been forced on him because he trusted someone who claimed to be family yet betrayed him. Because of this, he seems intent on manipulating people to avoid being let down by anyone else. Jin is trying to run away with his wife, Sun because her father is apparently the Chinese version of William Fisk a.k.a. Kingpin(google the name if you haven't heard of him) and he doesn't want to lose the little goodness he has left in him after doing all the evil that Sun's father has commanded Jin to do. On top of this, Sun is trying to run away from her husband because she feels that the man she once loved is a stranger no longer to be trusted. Then there is Micheal, a man who lost the woman he loved because she wanted more out of life than she thought she could get with him, and Walter, the son he never got a chance to know. Now with Walter being a teenager, Micheal is running from having anything to do with a son he once loved as a baby, but now knows nothing about since the two of them have been living in separate countries and are worlds apart.

There's Claire, the pregnant mother who not only had a runaway deadbeat dad, but now questions her chances of survival as a first time single mom. Charlie is a washed up musician who is running away from a heroin addiction that has cost him several meaningful relationships, a music career, and a job, but he manages to find this same heroin demon on a deserted island(of all places). Then there's Jack...a doctor who is one of the central characters who is running from being known as the hero and ducking the responsibility of being the go-to guy that everyone calls on whenever there is trouble. He's also running from the pain of blaming himself for his alcoholic dad's mistakes.

There you have it...the cast of LOST and one central theme...running. We all have demons and other mistakes that we are trying to live down one way or another. We can always run from our demons, but the truth is that those demons are always one or two steps behind us and we can never run for the rest of our lives even though some try to. We always end up facing one realization...those things we are running from eventually catch up to us. The best thing any of us can do is to stand and fight our demons because even if we lose, we still have the knowledge that we fought our mistakes with our dignity intact. We also know that our best chance to live free of our problems is to stand and fight them until we are finally victorious, and winning only happens when we stop running.

This ends tonight's life lesson and in closing...if LOST turns out to be somebody's "dream" or if the show fades to black à la The Sopranos, I'm going to find J.J. Abrams and shake the mess out of him.

Monday, February 22, 2010

My 2010 NFL mock draft

1. St. Louis Rams - QB Jimmy Clausen from Notre Dame - Yes, I know that Ndamukong Suh is a BAD MUTHAAA(let me shut my mouth), but the Rams need a franchise QB and we all know that it's not anyone named Bulger or Boller. So with the throwing injuries that McCoy and Bradford suffered, Clausen seems like the most NFL ready QB from this year's draft.

2. Detroit Lions - OT Russell Okung from Oklahoma State - If St. Louis drafts Clausen, shouldn't Detroit draft this year's best defensive player in Suh...not if they want Matthew Stafford for a few more years. Last year, the Detroit offensive line allowed the opposition to turn Stafford into a human piñata and unless the Lions want their own version of David Carr, then at 6'5" and 303 lbs., Okung could be this year's Michael Oher.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - DT Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska - 27th in total defense? Yeah, the Buccaneers would be insane to pass up the opportunity to draft Suh now.

4. Washington Redskins - RB CJ Spiller from Clemson - Many people are screaming for a new QB, but Clinton Portis is done, Ladell Betts is NOT the answer for the Redskins and Spiller is being compared to Tennessee's Chris Johnson...'nuff said! But since I hate the Redskins and no one in the front office will have the brains to see the benefit of Spiller, chances are Campbell will be looking for a new team.

5. Kansas City Chiefs - DT Gerald McCoy from Oklahoma - The Chiefs need quite a few pieces, but McCoy has the speed and athleticism that Kansas City's defensive front can definitely benefit from.

6. Seattle Seahawks - S Eric Berry from Tennessee - So Matt Hasselbeck is over the hill and probably had more than a couple of shots of pain killer before he hit the field last season, but Eric Berry can run a 4.3 and is being compared to Baltimore's Ed Reed! On top of that, the remaining "1st round" QB's, Stafford and McCoy have already had injuries so why put these guys behind an offensive line that keeps your current QB on the ground? C'mon son!

7. Cleveland Browns - OT Anthony Davis from Rutgers - The Browns could draft 5 players from the first round and that would only give them an extra 3 wins next season(maybe). With odds like that, Cleveland should focus on building up their offensive line now so they can protect their future franchise QB later.

8. Oakland Raiders - DT Brian Price from UCLA - He doesn't have the ideal height for a DT, but Price makes up for it with explosiveness and a strong work ethic.

9. Buffalo Bills - WR Dez Bryant from Oklahoma State - So Buffalo picked up Terrell Owens last year...minor mistake. Hopefully they won't make a major mistake and let Bryant slip through their hands like a dropped pass.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars - QB Sam Bradford from Oklahoma - Sorry Mr. Garrard, but your starting days are numbered now. Bradford might have durability concerns, but if he has the same chance to study the NFL the same way that Aaron Rodgers did, then Sam could be the next face of the Jaguars.

11. Denver Broncos - ILB Rolando McClain from Alabama - Rolando McClain teaming up with a beast like Elvis Dumervil? This spells nothing but pain for teams with an immobile or unprotected QB.

12. Miami Dolphins - CB Joe Haden from Florida - Allen and Goodman are on the downward slide of their football career so what better way to beef up the Miami secondary than a CB with 4.3 speed and the necessary leaping ability to make spectacular picks?

13. San Francisco 49ers - DE Jason Pierre-Paul from South Florida - With the defensive mind that Mike Singletary has, I can't see San Francisco passing up adding an athletic DE like Pierre-Paul to take their pass rush to the next level but since I hate the 49ers too, hopefully they won't listen to me.

14. Seattle Seahawks - OT Bryan Bulaga from Iowa - If Seattle can once again resist the urge to draft a QB, then the size and strength of this 6'6" 312 lb. beast would only help the Seahawks protect whoever is behind center.

15. New York Giants - S Earl Thomas from Texas - The Giants desperately need an answer at their MLB position, but without any good 1st rounders, Thomas looks to be the answer New York needs for their weak secondary.

16. Tennessee Titans - DT Dan Williams from Tennessee - Williams needs work on his pass rush and lacks some athletic ability, but his strength and hands could make up for his deficiencies.

17. San Francisco 49ers - DE Everson Griffin from USC - Think Alex Smith or Shaun Hill is the franchise QB for San Francisco? If you do, you do not need to be reading anything about the draft because you do not know football. I do, however, think that the 49ers should give Nate Davis a fair try so Griffin would be the best candidate to make the 49er defense just a little more meaner.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers - S Taylor Mays from USC - Who did the Steelers miss the most last season due to injury? So who better than Mays to play the student to Troy Polamalu so that he can be the best answer at back up?

19. Atlanta Falcons - DE Derrick Morgan from Georgia Tech - Morgan may lack some of the instincts of an NFL DE, but John Abraham would be one of the best teachers to get this strong and versatile player ready for the big time.

20. Houston Texans - QB Colt McCoy from Texas - I think this move would be genius for four reasons. One, it's great that Schaub played the entire season last year, but if he gets hurt this year, Grossman and Orlovsky will screw the Texans! Two, even though some people may want to draft a RB, Slaton is a good example for Houston for not to do it again. Three, even if the Texans don't have their franchise RB already on their roster, they do have pro bowl receivers like Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels which will make great targets for a healthy Schaub or McCoy. Four, what better way to make Texans' fans hopeful for the playoffs(yet again) than by drafting one of Texas's own?

21. Cincinnati Bengals - WR Arrelious Bennett from the University of Illinois - What Bennett lacks in breakaway speed, he more than makes up for it with reliable hands.

22. New England Patriots - NT Terrence Cody from Alabama - Seeing as how the Patriots have already pissed off Vince Wilfork by slapping him with a franchise tag, Cody makes the most sense to draft considering his size(6'5", 365 lbs.) and strength.

23. Green Bay Packers - OG LaShawn Maurkice Pouncey from Florida - Not only can Pouncey play center or guard, but he would be one more reason Rodgers would have a cleaner jersey next season.

24. Philadelphia Eagles - OG Mike Iupati from Idaho - Iupati has the size and the hands to keep McNabb well protected so he can avoid the 35 sacks from last season.

25. Baltimore Ravens - OLB Sergio Kindle from Texas - With monsters like Suggs, Ngata and Lewis already on the Baltimore defense, Kindle can only learn more from these pros and make the Ravens just a little bit better.

26. Arizona Cardinals - DE Brandon Graham from Michigan - An intelligent, powerful and athletic end is just what the Cardinals could use to beef up their defense.

27. Dallas Cowboys - OT Bruce Campbell from Maryland - Flozell Adams is 34 years old and is in need of a young back up to possibly become the starter in 2012. 'Nuff said.

28. San Diego Chargers - RB Jahvid Best from California - San Diego has already released L.T. and with Sproles "testing" free agency, the speedy Best makes the best draft choice.

29. New York Jets - WR Demaryius Thomas from Georgia Tech - Considering the facts that the Jets have found their franchise QB, and Braylon Edwards will only either be New York's best friend or their most hated roster spot holder, a player like Thomas has the strong possibility to be a great #2 receiver.

30. Minnesota Vikings - LB Sean Weatherspoon from Missouri - Even though Weatherspoon lacks consistency and size, he's the best pick for the Vikings...why? With Weatherspoon on the field, he has the instinct and athleticism to make him threatening enough for offenses not to double team Jared Allen.

31. Indianapolis Colts - CB Kyle Wilson from Boise State - Last season, the Colts(as a team) pulled 16 interceptions which put them in the middle of the pack which is great(if you're a team like Washington or Cleveland), but Indianapolis is considered an "elite" team so they need more help in the secondary.

32. New Orleans Saints - TE Jermaine Gresham from Oklahoma - The Saints won the Super do you add to this team? Considering that Shockey is injury prone and Dinkins is 33, Gresham could be a viable back up and additional weapon for Brees.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just because you think it's right doesn't mean it is

I finally saw Law Abiding Citizen and it's my new favorite movie. I won't ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but the movie makes a great point on the subject of right and wrong. Just because we think something is right doesn't mean that we are doing the right thing.

To put this in the simplest and easiest perspective to understand...a little "white" lie is still a lie. We try to tell ourselves that by telling this lie, we are "helping" someone else by not admitting the truth(and the truth does not have to be brutal). Then there are times we feel justified by what we do because we are somehow "owed" something so it's o.k. if we "use"(steal) a few things from work(since we do work a thankless job for a miserable boss). Here's the kicker...if these two events were the "right" thing to do then the people that we call "terrorists" would be justified for their violent actions because many of them believe that they are doing the work of Allah.

For the record, I think any lie is wrong just like any theft is wrong, and God or any higher power anyone chooses to serve would not condone the killing of innocent people. I also think that whatever you or I choose to believe is right then we should not only believe it internally or in certain company, but everyone should know our personal code of ethics. In other words, if a person is a racist among members of their own race, then they should spit their racial epithets to any race. Will this sort of free speech make someone a hated individual or possibly beat up...yes, but it comes down to...consequences.

If we think it, and act on our thoughts, then we should be willing to face the consequences for our actions. This is the problem for some of us who choose to be hypocritical and not live up to the thoughts that we actually have and instead, choose to act on what is considered publicly to be the right thing. I'm not writing all of this to tell you what is right and what is wrong, but I am saying that if we think what we do and how we act is right and justified, then we should face the consequences for our thoughts and actions. For a better example, see the actions of those involved in the Montgomery bus boycott.

"There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." - Proverbs 16:25