Monday, February 22, 2010

My 2010 NFL mock draft

1. St. Louis Rams - QB Jimmy Clausen from Notre Dame - Yes, I know that Ndamukong Suh is a BAD MUTHAAA(let me shut my mouth), but the Rams need a franchise QB and we all know that it's not anyone named Bulger or Boller. So with the throwing injuries that McCoy and Bradford suffered, Clausen seems like the most NFL ready QB from this year's draft.

2. Detroit Lions - OT Russell Okung from Oklahoma State - If St. Louis drafts Clausen, shouldn't Detroit draft this year's best defensive player in Suh...not if they want Matthew Stafford for a few more years. Last year, the Detroit offensive line allowed the opposition to turn Stafford into a human piƱata and unless the Lions want their own version of David Carr, then at 6'5" and 303 lbs., Okung could be this year's Michael Oher.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - DT Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska - 27th in total defense? Yeah, the Buccaneers would be insane to pass up the opportunity to draft Suh now.

4. Washington Redskins - RB CJ Spiller from Clemson - Many people are screaming for a new QB, but Clinton Portis is done, Ladell Betts is NOT the answer for the Redskins and Spiller is being compared to Tennessee's Chris Johnson...'nuff said! But since I hate the Redskins and no one in the front office will have the brains to see the benefit of Spiller, chances are Campbell will be looking for a new team.

5. Kansas City Chiefs - DT Gerald McCoy from Oklahoma - The Chiefs need quite a few pieces, but McCoy has the speed and athleticism that Kansas City's defensive front can definitely benefit from.

6. Seattle Seahawks - S Eric Berry from Tennessee - So Matt Hasselbeck is over the hill and probably had more than a couple of shots of pain killer before he hit the field last season, but Eric Berry can run a 4.3 and is being compared to Baltimore's Ed Reed! On top of that, the remaining "1st round" QB's, Stafford and McCoy have already had injuries so why put these guys behind an offensive line that keeps your current QB on the ground? C'mon son!

7. Cleveland Browns - OT Anthony Davis from Rutgers - The Browns could draft 5 players from the first round and that would only give them an extra 3 wins next season(maybe). With odds like that, Cleveland should focus on building up their offensive line now so they can protect their future franchise QB later.

8. Oakland Raiders - DT Brian Price from UCLA - He doesn't have the ideal height for a DT, but Price makes up for it with explosiveness and a strong work ethic.

9. Buffalo Bills - WR Dez Bryant from Oklahoma State - So Buffalo picked up Terrell Owens last year...minor mistake. Hopefully they won't make a major mistake and let Bryant slip through their hands like a dropped pass.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars - QB Sam Bradford from Oklahoma - Sorry Mr. Garrard, but your starting days are numbered now. Bradford might have durability concerns, but if he has the same chance to study the NFL the same way that Aaron Rodgers did, then Sam could be the next face of the Jaguars.

11. Denver Broncos - ILB Rolando McClain from Alabama - Rolando McClain teaming up with a beast like Elvis Dumervil? This spells nothing but pain for teams with an immobile or unprotected QB.

12. Miami Dolphins - CB Joe Haden from Florida - Allen and Goodman are on the downward slide of their football career so what better way to beef up the Miami secondary than a CB with 4.3 speed and the necessary leaping ability to make spectacular picks?

13. San Francisco 49ers - DE Jason Pierre-Paul from South Florida - With the defensive mind that Mike Singletary has, I can't see San Francisco passing up adding an athletic DE like Pierre-Paul to take their pass rush to the next level but since I hate the 49ers too, hopefully they won't listen to me.

14. Seattle Seahawks - OT Bryan Bulaga from Iowa - If Seattle can once again resist the urge to draft a QB, then the size and strength of this 6'6" 312 lb. beast would only help the Seahawks protect whoever is behind center.

15. New York Giants - S Earl Thomas from Texas - The Giants desperately need an answer at their MLB position, but without any good 1st rounders, Thomas looks to be the answer New York needs for their weak secondary.

16. Tennessee Titans - DT Dan Williams from Tennessee - Williams needs work on his pass rush and lacks some athletic ability, but his strength and hands could make up for his deficiencies.

17. San Francisco 49ers - DE Everson Griffin from USC - Think Alex Smith or Shaun Hill is the franchise QB for San Francisco? If you do, you do not need to be reading anything about the draft because you do not know football. I do, however, think that the 49ers should give Nate Davis a fair try so Griffin would be the best candidate to make the 49er defense just a little more meaner.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers - S Taylor Mays from USC - Who did the Steelers miss the most last season due to injury? So who better than Mays to play the student to Troy Polamalu so that he can be the best answer at back up?

19. Atlanta Falcons - DE Derrick Morgan from Georgia Tech - Morgan may lack some of the instincts of an NFL DE, but John Abraham would be one of the best teachers to get this strong and versatile player ready for the big time.

20. Houston Texans - QB Colt McCoy from Texas - I think this move would be genius for four reasons. One, it's great that Schaub played the entire season last year, but if he gets hurt this year, Grossman and Orlovsky will screw the Texans! Two, even though some people may want to draft a RB, Slaton is a good example for Houston for not to do it again. Three, even if the Texans don't have their franchise RB already on their roster, they do have pro bowl receivers like Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels which will make great targets for a healthy Schaub or McCoy. Four, what better way to make Texans' fans hopeful for the playoffs(yet again) than by drafting one of Texas's own?

21. Cincinnati Bengals - WR Arrelious Bennett from the University of Illinois - What Bennett lacks in breakaway speed, he more than makes up for it with reliable hands.

22. New England Patriots - NT Terrence Cody from Alabama - Seeing as how the Patriots have already pissed off Vince Wilfork by slapping him with a franchise tag, Cody makes the most sense to draft considering his size(6'5", 365 lbs.) and strength.

23. Green Bay Packers - OG LaShawn Maurkice Pouncey from Florida - Not only can Pouncey play center or guard, but he would be one more reason Rodgers would have a cleaner jersey next season.

24. Philadelphia Eagles - OG Mike Iupati from Idaho - Iupati has the size and the hands to keep McNabb well protected so he can avoid the 35 sacks from last season.

25. Baltimore Ravens - OLB Sergio Kindle from Texas - With monsters like Suggs, Ngata and Lewis already on the Baltimore defense, Kindle can only learn more from these pros and make the Ravens just a little bit better.

26. Arizona Cardinals - DE Brandon Graham from Michigan - An intelligent, powerful and athletic end is just what the Cardinals could use to beef up their defense.

27. Dallas Cowboys - OT Bruce Campbell from Maryland - Flozell Adams is 34 years old and is in need of a young back up to possibly become the starter in 2012. 'Nuff said.

28. San Diego Chargers - RB Jahvid Best from California - San Diego has already released L.T. and with Sproles "testing" free agency, the speedy Best makes the best draft choice.

29. New York Jets - WR Demaryius Thomas from Georgia Tech - Considering the facts that the Jets have found their franchise QB, and Braylon Edwards will only either be New York's best friend or their most hated roster spot holder, a player like Thomas has the strong possibility to be a great #2 receiver.

30. Minnesota Vikings - LB Sean Weatherspoon from Missouri - Even though Weatherspoon lacks consistency and size, he's the best pick for the Vikings...why? With Weatherspoon on the field, he has the instinct and athleticism to make him threatening enough for offenses not to double team Jared Allen.

31. Indianapolis Colts - CB Kyle Wilson from Boise State - Last season, the Colts(as a team) pulled 16 interceptions which put them in the middle of the pack which is great(if you're a team like Washington or Cleveland), but Indianapolis is considered an "elite" team so they need more help in the secondary.

32. New Orleans Saints - TE Jermaine Gresham from Oklahoma - The Saints won the Super do you add to this team? Considering that Shockey is injury prone and Dinkins is 33, Gresham could be a viable back up and additional weapon for Brees.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just because you think it's right doesn't mean it is

I finally saw Law Abiding Citizen and it's my new favorite movie. I won't ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but the movie makes a great point on the subject of right and wrong. Just because we think something is right doesn't mean that we are doing the right thing.

To put this in the simplest and easiest perspective to understand...a little "white" lie is still a lie. We try to tell ourselves that by telling this lie, we are "helping" someone else by not admitting the truth(and the truth does not have to be brutal). Then there are times we feel justified by what we do because we are somehow "owed" something so it's o.k. if we "use"(steal) a few things from work(since we do work a thankless job for a miserable boss). Here's the kicker...if these two events were the "right" thing to do then the people that we call "terrorists" would be justified for their violent actions because many of them believe that they are doing the work of Allah.

For the record, I think any lie is wrong just like any theft is wrong, and God or any higher power anyone chooses to serve would not condone the killing of innocent people. I also think that whatever you or I choose to believe is right then we should not only believe it internally or in certain company, but everyone should know our personal code of ethics. In other words, if a person is a racist among members of their own race, then they should spit their racial epithets to any race. Will this sort of free speech make someone a hated individual or possibly beat up...yes, but it comes down to...consequences.

If we think it, and act on our thoughts, then we should be willing to face the consequences for our actions. This is the problem for some of us who choose to be hypocritical and not live up to the thoughts that we actually have and instead, choose to act on what is considered publicly to be the right thing. I'm not writing all of this to tell you what is right and what is wrong, but I am saying that if we think what we do and how we act is right and justified, then we should face the consequences for our thoughts and actions. For a better example, see the actions of those involved in the Montgomery bus boycott.

"There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." - Proverbs 16:25

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Either she's lying or brother, you need help!

All I want to do is watch the Super Bowl in peace, but first, I have to vent. I know that domestic abuse is a serious offense that no one should ever mock or take lightly because there's nothing funny about a black eye, bruises, or the mental and spiritual pain that tylenol can't treat. So like most people, when I see or hear about abuse, my first reaction is to believe the accuser. In the next second, I have to remind myself the world that I live in now.

First, to the "men"(or "women") who physically abuse your "loved" ones...STOP! If you don't have the mental capacity to stop yourself from raising your hand in anger or if you get some twisted happiness in hurting someone else, I beg of you to seek professional help, otherwise, you will face the consequences of your actions in other ways. I'm not saying this just based on my belief in God, but through my own witness of evil actions begetting evil results. When you as an abuser put away your anger and hate, you not only save the well being of your victim, but yourself as well.

Nowadays, it's easier for someone to sue someone in hopes of a big payoff rather than work honestly for what they want. So who better to go after than a big name celebrity with loads of cash who sometimes has the wrong people or no people giving them advice on how to treat their fame and status? So for those who look to the haves to supply your wants...STOP! Crying abuse when it's a lie not only hurts the person you accuse, but it affects everyone they're around as well. Your desire to live the life of a golddigger does not give you the right to be malicious against someone who wasn't that into you in the first place. If you want to mooch, there are plenty of "reality" shows for you to seek your fame and fortune that way.

So for the "men" who are guilty of abuse, and the men who are falsely accused...throw away your friends! The company you keep aren't necessarily supposed to be your father figures, but they should have enough sense to let you know when you're around a bad situation. If your "friends" parade "hoes" in front of you, then these are the same "friends" who would testify against you in court. A friend that shows you the self-respecting woman is the same friend that not only respects you, but will warn you when you're about to do something foolish.

This concludes my on to my game!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My proposal to make the pro bowl fun

I think we all can agree that changing the date or time the pro bowl is played doesn't change the fact that it is essentially a meaningless game. Houston Texan QB, Matt Schaub played his heart out all season, the Texans missed the playoffs, yet he has a pro bowl MVP award to show for it all. And what can he get for his award...jack squat and a free plate at IHOP. With one major tweak, I believe the owners, players, and fans will all have a reason to anticipate the pro bowl.

That's right...draft picks, but not just any picks, but the winning conference of the pro bowl wins ALL of the available 1st round draft picks. Why...because there's no amount of money or notoriety that can top a team getting the pick of an Adrian Peterson, a Jared Allen...but hopefully not the next Ryan Leaf. In the same way that the worst team gets the first pick and the best team gets the last pick, the winning conference would get their picks the same way. The NFL tries to promote parity and this will still help because there are teams who have already traded away their first round picks for 2011, but if their conference wins in the pro bowl, then they still have a chance at the best draft picks. On the other hand, there could be another team that wants to trade the 1st round draft pick they won in order to trade for a free agent that they need. This plan solves almost everything that's wrong with football(maybe)!