Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's highly acceptable to brag on others

I like talking about myself. That may sound like an amazing revelation, but even I have to admit that sometimes, I enjoy spending time in self-amazement at all my "glory". In spite of this, I am constantly made aware of something even more powerful and something more worthwhile... flaunting the gifts, abilities, and successes of others.

Am I crazy for this...not in the least bit. Because not only have I found that my friends have told more people about what I've done than I could ever do alone, but I also find it more fun to talk about someone other than myself. How else do we find out about the singer with the amazing voice that no one else has heard of? Do you personally always have the best relationship advice or do you get words of wisdom from someone who's been in a happy relationship for years on end?

We are a world that thrives on information and the only way that information is learned is when you pass it on. I've made amazing friends, acquaintances, contacts, and whatever else you want to call them, but the greatest thrill in knowing them is making sure others know about them too.

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