Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NFL overtime doesn't suck...but some teams do

If the Vikings offense had a chance to get on the field during overtime, the Saints wouldn't be going to the Super Bowl. If Minnesota had won the coin toss in overtime, then they would be going to the Super Bowl. It's time for every football fan to face facts...overtime does not suck!

Yes, we ALL want our team to win no matter if it's the Dallas Cowboys or the Cleveland Browns, so if our team is "lucky" enough to get into overtime, then we feel justified if they win in OT, but if they lose, we feel that the OT rules need to change. There's only 2 reasons any game goes into overtime, either because our team got "lucky" enough to score a TD or kick a FG to tie the game or because our team didn't make the defensive stop to keep the other team from scoring.

Herm Edwards says that, "You play to win the game" and we all know that a regular game is 60 minutes so every team has an opportunity to win in 4 quarters. The difference is that during the game, one team could have been out-coached. Maybe the defensive front sacked the QB so many times that he couldn't see straight, or the cornerbacks and safeties played like defensive wide receivers and picked off any pass the QB threw. For all we know, it was one fumble too many or the 100+ penalty yards our team got for holding, being offsides, intentional grounding, false starts, or whatever gave the other team the right field position to kick our butts.

Yes, this OT debate will still go on, but face facts sports fan, the game is 60 minutes long and not 75 minutes. So if our team wins in OT, then we should feel extremely lucky they won because no TD or FG is guaranteed, and if our team loses, we have to understand that they should have done more in 4 quarters to not have to go to OT.

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