Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recycling is supposed to SAVE the environment

Is it just me or do most of the people in control of the movie and television industry severely lack imagination? I started watching umpteen movie trailers on and apart from a couple of interesting movies, I saw trailers for the A-Team, Nightmare On Elm St., and The Karate Kid. I will probably watch the A-Team(when it hits dvd) unless a reliable source tells me it's worth the $10 to see it in the theater, but what's the point of seeing a remake when the original is still in your head? I'm happy that Will Smith's son is getting a chance to star in a movie, but I already know that he'll win in the end, and I just might hear, "Sweep the leg." or something to that effect. Freddie never dies, but he doesn't kill everybody either and Hannibal always "loves it when a plan comes together".

The point is that if it's already been done before, it's time for the new thing. I know that most hollywood types want to use the old tried and true method which explains why there's been 15 seasons of Survivor and why so many people feel that at least half the movies that come out need a sequel. Surprise...they don't! I'm glad that there are still movies like The Book of Eli and The Hangover should already be on AMC so with this in mind, can we please not see another Batman or Transporter movie. Hollywood might be scared that an original idea won't work, but the big budget, big name, CG B.S. isn't always pulling in the big bucks either.

I have tons of ideas for original movies and t.v. shows, and half of them aren't so bad either. Here's a freebie that I'd love for someone to use...the title of the movie is Speedy Jenkins. It's the story of a 14 year old boy who is stricken with asthma, but the twist is that he has the speed of a super hero. So while most people would rather "take it easy" and do as little as possible so that they wouldn't make themselves sick, Speedy is more concerned about helping others before he helps himself. He uses his gift to save the innocent from the likes of muggers and other would be crooks, but in the climax of the movie, he has to decide between catching the bad guy and possibly risking his life, winning the affection of his love interest, or shrinking back into his quiet corner to avoid any chance of personal suffering. I give my blessing for anyone to use this because I'm steadily pointing and laughing at anyone who continues to make crappy movies.

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  1. I can see you are very bothered by this,lol It's really all you have been talking about for the past three days,lol

    Ok, here is my issues with you getting all up in arms about movies being remade. We are movies watchers always have been and it's perfectly fine when we watch them, but are you aware with how many of those movies are remakes? No of course not and if i gave you the names of all the ones that where you would no longer enjoy those movies,lol.

    Did you know that Sanford and son is a rewrite of a show called Steptoe and son, in many of those episodes all remained the same except the name, however does it make you like it any less? And you sir certainly have no quarks with the remakes of the Oceans movies now do you( hence having the lines memorized)? So see some remakes are good.

    I understand where your coming from however, you also know my take on our people doing movies period, hey as long as there isn't a gun, drugs, sex and the words N****** , B***** and H** in thrown about, allow them to be remake, lacks creativity yes, but beats the alternative.