Sunday, February 7, 2010

Either she's lying or brother, you need help!

All I want to do is watch the Super Bowl in peace, but first, I have to vent. I know that domestic abuse is a serious offense that no one should ever mock or take lightly because there's nothing funny about a black eye, bruises, or the mental and spiritual pain that tylenol can't treat. So like most people, when I see or hear about abuse, my first reaction is to believe the accuser. In the next second, I have to remind myself the world that I live in now.

First, to the "men"(or "women") who physically abuse your "loved" ones...STOP! If you don't have the mental capacity to stop yourself from raising your hand in anger or if you get some twisted happiness in hurting someone else, I beg of you to seek professional help, otherwise, you will face the consequences of your actions in other ways. I'm not saying this just based on my belief in God, but through my own witness of evil actions begetting evil results. When you as an abuser put away your anger and hate, you not only save the well being of your victim, but yourself as well.

Nowadays, it's easier for someone to sue someone in hopes of a big payoff rather than work honestly for what they want. So who better to go after than a big name celebrity with loads of cash who sometimes has the wrong people or no people giving them advice on how to treat their fame and status? So for those who look to the haves to supply your wants...STOP! Crying abuse when it's a lie not only hurts the person you accuse, but it affects everyone they're around as well. Your desire to live the life of a golddigger does not give you the right to be malicious against someone who wasn't that into you in the first place. If you want to mooch, there are plenty of "reality" shows for you to seek your fame and fortune that way.

So for the "men" who are guilty of abuse, and the men who are falsely accused...throw away your friends! The company you keep aren't necessarily supposed to be your father figures, but they should have enough sense to let you know when you're around a bad situation. If your "friends" parade "hoes" in front of you, then these are the same "friends" who would testify against you in court. A friend that shows you the self-respecting woman is the same friend that not only respects you, but will warn you when you're about to do something foolish.

This concludes my on to my game!

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