Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My proposal to make the pro bowl fun

I think we all can agree that changing the date or time the pro bowl is played doesn't change the fact that it is essentially a meaningless game. Houston Texan QB, Matt Schaub played his heart out all season, the Texans missed the playoffs, yet he has a pro bowl MVP award to show for it all. And what can he get for his award...jack squat and a free plate at IHOP. With one major tweak, I believe the owners, players, and fans will all have a reason to anticipate the pro bowl.

That's right...draft picks, but not just any picks, but the winning conference of the pro bowl wins ALL of the available 1st round draft picks. Why...because there's no amount of money or notoriety that can top a team getting the pick of an Adrian Peterson, a Jared Allen...but hopefully not the next Ryan Leaf. In the same way that the worst team gets the first pick and the best team gets the last pick, the winning conference would get their picks the same way. The NFL tries to promote parity and this will still help because there are teams who have already traded away their first round picks for 2011, but if their conference wins in the pro bowl, then they still have a chance at the best draft picks. On the other hand, there could be another team that wants to trade the 1st round draft pick they won in order to trade for a free agent that they need. This plan solves almost everything that's wrong with football(maybe)!

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