Thursday, May 20, 2010

I can't STAND dopeheads!

dopehead(n.) - A drug ADDICT.

No, I can't stand dopeheads and no matter how anyone will ever try to justify things, there are dopeheads in baseball, dopeheads on the track, and from what I've heard today, dopeheads are riding bikes and catching balls too. I can't stand the lot of you! I'm not jealous because of what you have, but my anger towards you is based on what you're screwing up.

First off, 90% of the athletes that take to the field and take to the court have been blessed with a particular talent that not everyone has. It is this talent that gives you the ability to play the game, but if you want to win on a consistent basis, you have to train, practice, and in sports like football, you have to study! Raw talent is nothing without work and effort. You dopeheads feel that you can get away with doing things halfway if you take a little HGH. You are robbing yourself of the chance to see if you can actually hang with those who are younger and/or hungrier than you are. If the guy on the opposite team isn't juicing, then what gives you the right to have an unfair advantage? Work like your teammates do!

Now dopehead, think about the health risks. Yes male dopeheads, we know that steroids will shrink your balls, make you more aggressive, and could give you breasts. I'm not going to google what HGH does for you female dopeheads because I know about the unmentioned health risks. All those times when you bang your fist on the table and you scream, "I have NEVER used steroids and I don't appreciate being accused of it either.", you're lying to yourself and us, plus you're taking years off your life. All that anxiety, tension, and nervousness that you feel as people investigate whether you're telling the truth or's unnecessary. The truth will come out...the truth always comes out. Save yourself the headache and the possible ulcer and just be honest. On top of that, think about your family dopehead. They don't need the headache of watching the family name being dragged over the coals while you keep pretending you didn't shoot up.

There are so many more reasons I can give for stomaching what you're doing dopeheads, but I want to call out one of you right now. FLOYD LANDIS! It's not bad enough that you vehemently denied using only to have to swallow your lie, but now you want to be a rat too?! You want to say that Lance Armstrong is a dopehead too? There's a problem with your accusation Floyd. First, I know I'm not the only one who doesn't believe that Armstrong used, but if he did, I would think lesser of you than I would of him because you're only telling on someone else because you got caught? Are you 5?!

Even if Armstrong used, he's a source of inspiration that you'll never be. We all know that Armstrong had stage 3 testicular cancer that spread to his lungs and brain, but by the grace of God, some skilled surgeons, and a kind of testicular fortitude you could only hope to have, he not only went back to racing, but he won 7 back to back tours. Floyd, you have been accused and proven to be a dopehead, so accept your status and your consequence, but don't try to take someone else down with you as well.

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